Ira Jay Harker

Ira Jay Harker was born on January 22, 1897 in Frederika, IA and died January 21, 1918 in Jefferson Barracks, MO.

entered the Infantry on January 10, 1918, in Jefferson Barracks, MO, served during the World War I era and reached the rank of before being discharged on January 21, 1918 in Jefferson Barracks, MO.

is buried at Alcock Cemetery in Frederika, IA, Iowa and can be located at

  • Died in Service: Yes

Armed Forces Grave Registration

Was first Bremer County boy to die in service. Was a son of Mr. and Mrs. James Harker of Fredericks, Iowa. His mother had previously preceded her son in death and the father had remarried. A sister Hazel (Ager) survived the parent and brother. Ira enlisted in Waterloo, Iowa was sent immediately to Jefferson Barracks Mo. Lack of room there required the men to be placed in mule sheds with an army blanket. This soldiers contacted a bad cold which ran into flu-pneumonia and about a month after enlistment his body was returned for burial. Being the first Bremer county soldier boy to gibe his life in the World War. He left Waverly in December 23, 1917 to enlist.